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STEP INto Healthcare

Entering into the NHS and other health markets as a new or relatively new product or service is extremely difficult. STEP INto Healthcare is here to help.

Technology is impacting us in new ways every single day; it’s changing everything we do. From the way that we access food and travel, to the way that we experience the world around us.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in healthcare, where innovation and technology is helping us beyond convenience, it is helping save lives.

But entering into the NHS and other health markets as a new or relatively new product or service is extremely difficult – not just because it is a highly regulated sector, but that innovations must have a strong value proposition and business case for the health service.

How can STEP INto Healthcare help your SME?

Many SMEs find it challenging to articulate a value proposition that is compelling to today’s NHS decision-makers.

In the current healthcare market, it’s important to address problems that stand in the way of effective and efficient care delivery. But SMEs can be so focused on the features they deliver they sometimes fail to examine how hard it will be to adopt their product and/or service.

In partnership with TRUSTECH and Health Innovation Manchester (formerly the GM Academic Health Science Network), the STEP INto Healthcare programme will help you improve your pitch to potential investors and customers, and increase your chances of success in the life sciences market.

Designed for businesses in the life sciences sector with aspirations to scale-up, the programme provides access to networks, strategic knowledge and market opportunities, through one-to-one support and a number of workshops with leading industry experts.

It worked for U-drain - it could work for you too.

Our specialist Healthcare and Life Science advisors are here to make your business better. Our advisors can help support your business in a variety of ways, get in touch here.

How to get involved 

Up to two individuals from your SME will be able to register for STEP INto Heathcare. Register your interest by clicking here: STEP INto Healthcare