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We can help you train staff and find new talent

People, Skills & Talent

We’ll review your business, your current procedures, identify any skills gaps, and work with you on a long-term talent development plan.

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Leadership & Mentoring

Our experienced advisors, people who have managed their own companies and understand the day-to-day pressures of being a leader. We can match you with a business mentor who’ll work with you on a one-to-one basis to help set up new goals, act as a sounding board, and prepare you for change management.

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Business Strategy

Our business advisors can help you develop your business plan and add a more strategic 360-degree approach to the way your organisation is run, where needed, helping you to achieve clarity, focus and control.

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Manufacturing & Engineering

We support the manufacturing sector, and your business, to be able to thrive, innovate and compete both locally and on a global scale.  Do you want to increase your productivity and grow?

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Green Technology and Services

We provide specialist support to help SMEs working in, or looking to diversify into, the Green Technology and Services sector.

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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Our Life Sciences service is for SMEs specifically in, or aiming to diversify into, the life sciences sector. Are you looking to break into domestic and international healthcare markets?

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