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Northern Powerhouse European Union

We can help you do more with digital and technology

Digital Transformation

We can help you benefit from the huge opportunities that digital technology can bring, transform the ways you work, and future-proof your business in the digital age.

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Powering Innovation

We can help you identify opportunities, evaluate your ideas and connect you with the right contacts and resources, guiding you through the process of challenging the status quo.

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Eco Discovery

Do you want tailored support to increase competiveness and profitability through the development of new products, packaging, processes or services for higher environmental performance?

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Accessing Finance for your Business

We help SMEs whether they are seeking finance for the first time, have been declined by a lender and/or are looking for additional sources of funding.

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Manufacturing & Engineering

We support the manufacturing sector, and your business, to be able to thrive, innovate and compete both locally and on a global scale.  Do you want to increase your productivity and grow?

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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Our Life Sciences service is for SMEs specifically in, or aiming to diversify into, the life sciences sector. Are you looking to break into domestic and international healthcare markets?

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