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It's always a great idea to connect with other entrepreneurs at the beginning of a new year and discuss topics related to the business community and there's no better way to start than at our BGH Match events. In 2024, BGH Match, which is GM Business Growth Hub's free business network for all businesses in Greater Manchester, is returning with an exciting addition with our 'Changemaker' series of networking events: topic-focused events that concentrate on areas relevant to everyone, such as Social Value, Volunteering, Sustainability, Innovation, and Equality. 

Our upcoming Changemaker event will focus on the crucial topic of social value and volunteering, which will be of great significance for businesses in 2024. While some businesses may still view volunteering programs as primarily geared towards employee engagement, productivity, recruitment, and retention, the inclusion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in contract bids and tenders has made it essential for businesses to demonstrate their dedication to the communities they serve. However, the success of a workplace volunteering programme is not just about the company itself but the community it serves.  

"The effectiveness of workplace volunteering is directly proportional to how relevant the program is to the community. Community members are more likely to believe in the company with a volunteering programme that can make a genuine difference in their neighbourhood, which can positively impact the company's sales and profits," said Nadir Sultan, Social Value Specialist at GM Business Growth Hub.  

"In our upcoming networking event, business leaders in Greater Manchester will have an in-depth discussion on how to craft a successful volunteering program relevant to their community, gain the trust of their neighbourhood and enhance their business prospects." 

Josh Harris, Business Development Executive at GM Business Growth Hub said, “In 2023, over 700 businesses and individuals from Greater Manchester participated in more than 40 hours of free networking at our BGH Match networking event, held in 9 GM boroughs. Join us and make a big impact at the start of 2024!”  

Event Detail: 

Date: Thursday, 25th January 2024 

Time: 9:30 am to 11:30 am 

Location: FC United of Manchester, Broadhurst Park, 310 Lightbowne Road, Moston, Manchester, M40 0FJ 

Event Agenda: 

09:30 - 10:00 Registration and arrival networking 

10:00 - 10:15 Welcome presentations 

10:15 - 11:30 Networking 

11:30 Event close 

Registration: BGH Match - Social Value & Volunteering - North Manchester Tickets, Thu 25 Jan 2024 at 09:30 | Eventbrite 

For Reference: Let’s put the need of the community first | GM Business Growth Hub 

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