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With the emergence of Industry 4.0, technological advancements will undoubtedly drive the future evolution of the sector. Because of its potential to impact nearly every aspect of the industry, it's crucial for the manufacturing sector in Greater Manchester to develop the necessary leadership skills and upgrade its workforce, enable it to harness the possibilities of innovation and remain competitive at the international level.

Key Trends in UK Manufacturing

1. Digital Transformation

Manufacturers are increasingly adopting digital technologies to streamline operations and enhance productivity. However, many are still grappling with outdated systems that are ill-equipped to handle the rapid pace of change. Investing in adaptable and future-proof IT solutions is essential for staying competitive.

2. Sustainability and Efficiency

With efforts to meet net-zero emissions goals, the push towards sustainability is reshaping the manufacturing landscape. Companies are focusing on reducing waste, improving energy efficiency, and adopting sustainable practices to meet regulatory requirements and consumer expectations.

3. Workforce Development

As automation and digital tools become more prevalent, the demand for a skilled workforce capable of leveraging these technologies is growing. Developing leadership and technical skills within the workforce is crucial for driving innovation and maintaining a competitive edge.



How GM Business Growth Hub Can Help?

GM Business Growth Hub offers a suite of manufacturing workshops specifically designed to address these key trends and support manufacturers in Greater Manchester. These workshops not only provide specific skills in preparing for the current challenges in the industry, but also interlock to form a comprehensive resource for promoting company growth and resilience.



Lean Champion Workshop

Lean manufacturing principles are foundational to achieving operational efficiency and reducing waste. To address the trend of sustainability and efficiency, this one-day workshop equips participants with practical techniques to implement lean processes across their organisation. This workshop demonstrates how incremental process improvements can lead to significant efficiency gains without overstretching the workforce.

Problem Solving for Manufacturers

As digital transformation introduces new complexities, this one-day workshop focuses on various techniques for identifying and addressing workflow issues. Participants learn to collect data, isolate specific factors, and implement solutions that not only solve problems at the source but also unlock crucial data impacting decisions across the organisation. This workshop empowers manufacturers to tackle challenges proactively, ensuring smooth operations and data-driven decision-making.

Manufacturing Culture and Leadership

Workforce development is a critical trend in the manufacturing sector, this one-day workshop focuses on building strong leadership skills and fostering a positive organisational culture. Across Greater Manchester, we've observed many employees being promoted to management and leadership roles based on their exceptional performance in manufacturing. While these individuals possess advanced manufacturing skills, they often lack the specific abilities required for effective people management and leadership. This workshop helps manufacturers develop effective leaders who can drive change, motivate teams, and retain skilled workers.

Sales and Marketing for Manufacturers

Effective sales and marketing strategies are essential for standing out in the competitive manufacturing sector. This one-day workshop dispels the myth that marketing is an external function imposed on an organisation. Instead, it demonstrates how implementing small, consistent processes throughout the organisation can create a solid foundation for a robust marketing strategy. The workshop helps manufacturers develop a ‘corporate personality’ that resonates with clients and prospects.



What Our Clients Say

Andy Wilding, Managing Director of NEMA

“Our team participated in the Growth Hub’s Lean Champion and Manufacturing Culture and Leadership Workshops and we have implemented ideas from both of these workshops to help improve our manufacturing efficiency and productivity.”

Jamie Coombs - Brennan, Business Development Director of Hyde Group

“The Sales and Marketing course held by The Growth Co was very well paced and informative. The day covered a wide scope of material with people from all different businesses and industries, giving perspectives that provoked a lot of thought and consequent actions back in the office to make improvements.”





All of the workshops are fully funded for Greater Manchester based manufacturers and are delivered at locations in both north and south Manchester – the next workshop delivery dates can be viewed here.

Additionally, our team of specialist Manufacturing Advisors can deliver more bespoke manufacturing business support and / or in-house workshops once companies identify what specific support is required. To find out more, please get in touch with our Manufacturing advisor Team.



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