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With Energy Savings Week in full swing, we thought it would be a good time to provide you with some tips as every factory must embrace efficiency without compromising productivity.

1. Fixing Compressed Air Leaks: Key to Efficient Energy Use

Ever wondered about the hiss of compressed air during a tea break? That sound isn't just a momentary distraction; it's the subtle escape of energy. Typically masked by the hum of machinery, addressing air leaks can lead to substantial energy savings. Wait for the factory floor to quiet down and listen keenly. By fixing these leaks, you'll find yourself saving a small fortune in energy costs over time.

2. Variable Drive Compressors: Precision for Energy Savings

Speaking of compressed air, have you made the leap to a variable drive compressor? These modern marvels tailor the supply of air precisely to your factory's needs, eliminating over-supply and maintaining tolerances more accurately. This not only optimises energy usage but also prevents unhelpful amperage peaks that could result in additional charges from your energy supplier. Embrace the efficiency of variable drive compressors for a smarter and cost-effective approach to energy consumption.

3. LED Lighting Savings: Efficiency for Manufacturers

Lighting plays a significant role in manufacturing energy costs, both in consumption and maintenance. If you're still relying on traditional lighting systems, it's time to consider the switch to LED lighting. LEDs operate at a fraction of the cost, and with energy prices on the rise, the payback period is now shorter than ever. Additionally, LED light sources boast an extended lifespan, offering not only energy savings but also reducing planned maintenance costs. Illuminate your facility with efficiency by embracing the LED lighting revolution.

4. Energy Efficiency Insights: Harnessing Meter Readings

Understanding your energy usage is pivotal to making informed decisions. Your energy supplier can provide half-hourly meter readings, allowing you to analyse your energy consumption patterns. By digging into this data, you can identify unexplained energy peaks and usage, providing valuable insights for optimising your energy usage. Knowledge truly is power when it comes to managing your manufacturing facility's energy efficiency.

As we celebrate Energy Saving Week, let's commit to implementing these top tips in our manufacturing processes. These can not only save you money, but they are all steps toward a more energy-efficient future for your factory. Contact our Manufacturing Team for fully funded expert support in reducing your energy costs. Here's to powering growth while minimising our environmental footprint!

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