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Bridging the gap between data science and commercial success.


Innovation Navigator is GM Business Growth Hub’s specialist innovation support programme, here to accelerate and guide projects within AI, data and advanced computing. 

If you have a relevant project, are developing new products, services, or have a working prototype, we can provide the support to fast-track you to commercialisation. Whether you need access to research facilities, advice and support with securing IP or new market identification and launch planning, we can navigate you and address any barriers and challenges.

Unique challenges, unique solutions

In the rapidly evolving space of AI, data and  advanced computing, being at the cutting-edge 
is essential to remain relevant and competitive.  We’re here to help you find the right solutions to remain at the forefront. Our Commercialisation Specialists spend time understanding your business and aspirations, connecting you to the right people, researchers, resources and expertise that will help you overcome any challenges you might be facing, including. 

  • Understanding how AI can revolutionise business
  • Harnessing the power of data
  • Adopting new and progressive technologies
  • Advancing security and data privacy
  • Accessing the

Our Partners

Greater Manchester has a thriving innovation ecosystem of partners and collaborators, whose support you can access through Innovation Navigator.

Hear from the innovative businesses we’ve supported

Based at The Sharp Project in Manchester, Evidential Forensics provides acclaimed expert witnesses and is a pioneer in the electronic presentation of evidence in court. Its work has assisted in many high-profile criminal and civil court cases both in the UK and internationally and the team pride themselves in adopting the latest emerging technologies. They partnered with GM Business Growth Hub to ensure the business stayed at the forefront of innovation.

“In our field, it is essential that we continue to stay ahead of the curve and harness the newest technologies where possible. We have a long history of collaborating with the Greater Manchester Business Growth Hub’s Innovation Team and they are intrinsic in our plans ensuring that  we remain connected to the innovation ecosystem, helping us push the boundaries and provide the best possible service for both our customers and the courts.” 

Sean Murphy, Managing Director at Evidential Ltd


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