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While Christmas is seen as a time of joy and celebration, it can also be a difficult time for some - straining us emotionally, financially, physically and mentally. It is ok to not feel particularly excited or joyous during this period. 

My name is Emma Connolly, I recently joined the GM Business Growth Hub as a Wellbeing Specialist.  My role as Wellbeing Specialist is to engage, support and guide businesses to improve wellbeing for both the workforce and leaders, ensuring they have the tools required to implement or improve upon their current wellbeing strategy. Here are some tips from Mental Health UK for looking after your wellbeing this Christmas: 

  • Talk about your feelings – sharing how you feel about Christmas with someone you trust will help them to better understand how to support you during this time. 
  • Take time for yourself – remember to take a break from time to time from the celebrations and demands of the season to do something that restores you. 
  • Be who you are – you might feel pressure to buy presents or attend events, but you don’t have to. Everyone has the right to do what is right for them. 
  • Eat a balanced diet – Christmas can be a time of overindulging on food and alcohol which can have an effect on your mental health and wellbeing. Moderation is key. 
  • Take a winter walk if you can – while the weather lends itself to staying indoors, heading out for a walk to enjoy the fresh air and connect with nature will help with your wellbeing. 
  • Do more of what you enjoy – whatever makes you feel happy and positive can boost your sense of wellbeing – take up a new hobby, join a club or volunteer. 

If you need support this Christmas with your mental health Mind have created a list of useful contacts should you need further support and advice. Useful contacts - Christmas and mental health - Mind 

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