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As we approach Carers Week w/c 10th June, we’re reminded of the daily challenges that the UK workforce faces when balancing caring responsibilities with work schedules and career progression.  

In April 2024, the law around flexible working requests changed, giving millions of UK workers more flexibility on where and when they work. At the same time there was the introduction of the Carer’s Leave Act, which gives flexibility to anyone acting as carer for a dependant. These changes aim to create a more supportive working environment for employees who are also carers.  

Greater Manchester’s Caring Situation  

Greater Manchester has about 280,000 unpaid carers, including children, young people, working carers, and parents. These carers help improve the wellbeing of those they care for and reduce the demand on local health services.  (Carers | Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership (

Carol Halford is Head of Charter Unit at the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter. Carol has experience caring for family members. “Becoming a carer for a loved one can be an unplanned and very daunting experience. Trying to juggle other responsibilities such as work, family, life admin alongside caring duties can be extremely challenging. My experience is not unique but there are lots of things that I have learned about myself, the care system of which many aspects are fantastic, but also many that are broken.”

A working carer is someone who has a full or part-time job and also provides unpaid care for a family member, partner, or friend who needs help due to age, illness, disability, or addiction.  Carers often find it hard to balance work and caregiving responsibilities. It's important for both carers and employers to know their rights and responsibilities and better workplace support helps both carers and employers. 

Discover how to support your workforce  

This year’s theme for Carers week is ‘Putting Carers on the Map’. With so many people balancing caring responsibilities and their careers it is important for employers to foster working environments where employees feel supported. Here at the GM Business Growth Hub, we are supporting Greater Manchester's organisations with our Wellbeing workshops and support. Our Wellbeing workshops give businesses insights and practical tools to be able to implement workplace wellbeing strategies to support and empower employees to look after their wellbeing. 

Delivered by our Wellbeing Specialist Emma, and alternating monthly between online and in-person delivery, these workshops provide actions business can take to support wellbeing in the workplace. Find out more about the workshop dates here:

People and Wellbeing