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Social value is something we place a high value on, and it is an area that is placed highly amongst Greater Manchester’s business priorities. Businesses are increasingly seeing social value as a normal part of doing business.

"What is social value?" you might ask. Well, put simply, social value refers to the positive impact that an organisation and its supply chains have on society, beyond just the profit they make. It involves working collaboratively with society to improve the community, economy, and environment around the organisation.  

If you are looking at how to do this, we can help. We have a dedicated social value team who are running in-person workshops, covering topics including Introduction to Social Value and Measuring and Reporting Social Value.  You can find out more and book a place in an upcoming workshop here:  Social Value | Become a more socially responsible business | GM Business Growth Hub 

"The Social Value workshops have led to great discussions taking place between organisations, highlighting the significance and importance of practising good Social Impact in day-to-day business. Attendees are understanding the true impact of the activities they carry out and how they can record and highlight their achievements to report to commissioners, staff and the community" (Nadir Sultan, Social Value Specialist, GM Business Growth Hub)

Making a difference across Greater Manchester

Focusing on Social Value can also include Volunteering activities and here at GM Business Growth Hub, employees have access to 2 days volunteering entitlement to make a difference across Greater Manchester. As a way to not only give back but also promote increased wellbeing, there's an increased drive for people to add greater value by applying their personal skills, knowledge and expertise to their volunteering solutions. This can be done by aligning your work experience with your passions and interests.  To give you an idea of what Social Value can look like here is an example of the activity our Leadership, Skills and Social Impact team has undertaken as part of our Social Value efforts.

  • Increased Confidence and Wellbeing - volunteering can provide a natural sense of accomplishment which provides a healthy boost to your self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction.
  • Improved Skills - Communication, time management, leadership, teamwork and collaboration are all skills that can be improved through volunteering.
  • Grow Your Network - as individuals approach Volunteering for different reasons, it will attract people from different backgrounds, demographics and education levels which will enable you to increase your connections.
  • Enhanced Team Spirit - by collectively supporting and working towards a common purpose, there will be an increased team motivation.

Our Leadership, Skills and Social Impact Team Volunteering Activities

The team went to Valley Farm OWL CIC to do their volunteering. Emma Nock is the Director and she welcomed us and showed them around and allocated jobs. Firstly, and the main job, was to shovel a giant pile of horse poo into wheelbarrows and take it across the way to a field. Then to spread the muck onto the field with rakes. The team quickly devised a routine of muck shovellers and spreaders. They managed to make a decent dint in the big muck pile, and muck spread across a full field. 

For the last part of the day, they went on to do weeding and to sorting a giant pile of stones out into sizes. It was good to see the farm in action doing their wellbeing activities with an array of people. It was also great to get some fresh air and the team did some hard manual work. 

About Valley Farm 

Valley Farm CIC provides life-skills development across a broad range of areas. They support people to increase their self-efficacy, communicate effectively, and develop greater self-awareness. 

 Coaching is provided through nature-based experiences. They offer a variety of activities, and they can all be tailored to suit your current needs and preferences. 

 It is a not-for-profit organisation with a Christian ethos. They aim to serve and support their local community, enabling people to find joy, health and fulfilment in their day-to-day life. 

Lyme Park Volunteering

Enjoying the Great British Outdoors and Volunteering at National Trust Lyme Park, our Leadership, Skills and Social Value team joined forces with Lyme Park and their ranger, Jason, to assist with grounds clearance. 

Victoria Baths Volunteering – The Big Clean

Victoria Baths is a Grade II* swimming and bathing heritage complex, opened in 1906, with three pools, a Turkish Baths suite, and facilities for bathing and laundry. The Baths served the local community for 87 years before closing in 1993.  Fast forward to today and Victoria Baths depends on volunteers to maintain the much-loved heritage site, and multi-event venue. Vickie, Mandy and Debbie from the Leadership, Skills and Social Impact team joined forces with volunteers from across Manchester to take part in the Big Clean.

Match – Changemaker Social Value and Volunteering

In January, our BGH Match events focused on their Changemaker – Value and Voluteering event. This event brought together organisations from across the private and third sector to collaborate and make a difference.

Other teams from the Growth Company also volunteer and you can see some of their efforts on social media via the links below.

Growth Team Volunteering LinkedIn

Manufacturing Team Volunteering LinkedIn

Start planning your Social Value and Volunteering Activities

If you are looking for a focus for your social value efforts, you can base them around national awareness weeks and days. Some these are given here: 

Awareness Dates for Your Diary  

Wellbeing Week – 26th – 30th June  

Volunteers Week Monday 3rd – Sunday 9th June  

International Volunteers Day – 5th December  

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