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Technology Adoption Service

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The Technology Adoption Service is a brand new website platform that enables businesses to search for, discover and compare tech tools to make improvements and efficiencies in the day to day running of their business operations.

It is supported by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and Greater London Authority and is offered as a free-to-use service to help small businesses grow.

Whatever your business goal, whether it is gaining more sales and customers, improving communication, working better from home, or spending less time on paperwork and increasing productivity, technology can help. For example, an e-commerce solution could help you sell your products or services online, accounting software can automate invoicing, and sales software can improve your customer support services.

We understand it’s not always easy to find the right solution for your business and with so many choices out there it's increasingly difficult to understand which is the best fit for your business. The Technology Adoption Service is here to help. We’ve researched, catalogued and reviewed over 450 different software solutions from a range of suppliers covering a variety of business categories to help guide you through your software buying journey.

18 %

Average improvement in sales per employee over three years for firms who use a CRM system
(Enterprise Research Council )

25 %

Average productivity benefit for firms using two or more business organisation technologies
(Office for National Statistics)

12 %

Average improvement in sales per employee over three years for firms who use a digital accounting system
(Enterprise Research Council)

Trusted Suppliers

Whether you’re looking to increase sales, collaborate better with your teams or reach more people with digital marketing, there’s a technology solution that can help. Click the link below to review and compare the solutions available to help you get there faster and more efficiently.  Alternatively, you can speak with a Hub advisor who will explain the service and the various tech adoption options available for your business.