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Create Growth is an innovative programme, designed to help businesses unlock and develop their creative potential.

With a buzzing community of creative businesses, Greater Manchester boasts one of the country’s leading creative forces and contributes an estimated gross value added (GVA) revenue impact of £1.4bn to the UK economy from culture and creative industries.

Create Growth has been created to further develop what is already a thriving industry, helping creative organisations attract investment to grow their business sustainably. 

It's a bespoke two-day cohort programme covering the essentials to support your business growth and investment readiness.

The programme is fully-funded by the Department for Digital Culture Media and Sport (DCMS).

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Create Growth is all about:

Encourage your team to think outside the box, explore new ideas, and take calculated risks.

Accelerate your growth trajectory and position your business for long-term success in the competitive marketplace.

Helps individuals and teams stay ahead of industry trends, master new technologies, and deliver exceptional value to clients.

Facilitates collaboration, partnerships, and networking opportunities, which are vital for growth and sustainability in the creative sector.

You'll get:

A bespoke two-day cohort programme 

1-2-1 access to a business coach

Peer-to-peer learning and networking opportunities

Masterclasses and coaching sessions from industry experts

What our clients say:

Nerea Pérez, Blow Up

Thanks very much for these two days. Really grateful to be part of this program and how you cared about every detail. Thanks again!

Andrew Jackson, AJ Arch

Informative, and gave me a point of view to approaching business growth that I hadn’t considered.

Lucy Clarkson, Ballard Home

Relatable content. Very useful exercises which we will implement. Thank you so much! The course has been really useful.

Danni Davis, Peggy Pictures

Insightful, fun, great presenters, lots of food for thought. Thanks so much, a brilliant two days!

Who is Eligible?

To access the programme, your business must:

  • Operate in the creative industry (including, but not limited to: film, TV, radio, advertising, marketing, architecture, crafts, fashion design, gaming, IT, software, publishing, music, performing arts & visual art).
  • Be based in Greater Manchester
  • Employ at least two full time equivalent staff/freelancers

What you'll learn:

The two-day programme will challenge you with new ideas, practices and strategies. We'll cover - 

  • Demonstrating the value of what you do
  • Using story to sharpen your message and drive revenue
  • Leveraging low-cost experimentation for rapid growth
  • Practicing fearless negotiation to get paid what you’re worth
  • Winning the battle for talent
  • Developing a personal OS for resilience
  • Leading teams to deliver exceptional output
  • Partnering across the ecosystem for success
  • Exploring investment readiness
  • Sourcing the right senior team & advisors
  • Managing creative tensions
  • Innovating and evolving in the real world

For a fresh perspective of your business – Pippa Nixon on Scoop and Create Growth programme

Just before the national lockdown, Pippa Nixon transitioned from working in an established PR agency to becoming a freelance consultant. As her client base grew, she made the shift towards an agency model in 2021. Scoop PR was named the New Agency of The Year at the PR Moment North awards in 2022.

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