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Perfect Pitching - 3 ways to introduce yourself

Date: 28th June 2023
Location: Rochdale
Time: 9:30am - 10:30am
Theme: Business Strategy

Sorry this event has already taken place - please see our forthcoming events list

The ability to pitch is one of the first and most important skills that anybody involved in business development, skills or management must master. Whether you have one hour, ten minutes, one minute or just a few seconds you have to get your message over clearly and, perhaps, very quickly.

Unfortunately it is one of those things that many people “hate”.

This session will introduce you to 3 ways to introduce yourself: a classic elevator pitch, a compelling one-line pitch and a one- word pitch.

What will attendees take away from the session?

Attendees will develop, practice and take away a 60-second Elevator Pitch, that they can tailor for different audiences, networking events etc.

After the session attendees will be sent a copy of The 4 Ps of Perfect Pitching

Time / Duration


900am to 930am

Attendees arrive & network


Start workshop


Practice pitches



1030am to 1100am


Bio of Deliverer

Peter Gaunt has over 30 years' experience in SMEs and multi-national corporates. He specialises in pitching, presentation & sales & marketing and has worked for 20 years on SME business support programmes as coach, trainer and programme manager.


Standard Eligibility for all Businesses:

  • Based in Greater Manchester
  • Service businesses
  • Business 2 business or Business 2 consumer businesses
  • SME - Small or medium enterprise i.e.: less than 249 employees
  • Annual Turnover less than 50 Million Euro, Balance Sheet less than 43 million Euro

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