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BBfA Primary Authority

Who is affected?
Any business regardless of size can access primary authority services, your GMRCE advisor will discuss the best support services suitable for your business.

What is it?
A primary authority partnership is a legal partnership between a business and a local authority or fire service. Through the GMRCE, you will have access to experts in environmental health, trading standards, licensing and fire safety from all ten GM local authorities as well as Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service.

What are the benefits?
Through a primary authority partnership, you will receive specialist scrutiny of your policies, practices and products in a safe environment by those that enforce the law. You can access robust and reliable advice that other councils must take into account when inspecting your premises or product or dealing with a non-compliance issue. This will help to avoid duplication by enforcement bodies and could help reduce the risk of enforcement action that can be reputationally and financially damaging. You can find some more information about the primary authority scheme here.

Some further benefits of primary authority include the following:

  • Access to experts from ten local authorities and GMFRS through a single point of contact;
  • Expert help so you can get regulation right first time and reduce the risk of costly mistakes;
  • Best practice guidance to meet your legal requirements;
  • Single point of contact for dealing with complaints from other local councils or fire authorities;
  • Primary authority partner logo in recognition of your robust and compliant procedures;
  • Greater consistency, increased efficiency, compliance with legal requirements and ultimately savings in time and money.

How much does it cost?: Primary authority services are charged at a cost-recovery rate of £95 per hour (VAT exempt). We will discuss during an initial meeting how many hours advice you will initially need for your business.

How does it work in practice?: Check out our FAQs for more details, and the testimonials for more details on how it has benefitted businesses in Greater Manchester and beyond.

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