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Invitation to Tender: Legal services Ref T21012.

GC requires legal advice and support across a number of different disciplines. There are currently two in-house solicitors at GC. Law firms are frequently used by GC to support and assist the in-house legal provision. Some legal work is carried out on a repeat basis and some on more of an ad hoc basis.

GC is procuring a law firm to provide specific support in respect of its business development team who undertake all bidding work at GC, from release of the ITT up to award of the contract. The firm appointed will deal directly with the business development team and the operational lead within the relevant business unit where applicable.  They will also work with the in-house legal team when necessary.  

It is intended that the appointment of a firm providing this particular work stream will deliver consistency in approach, transparency and clear information in relation to fees.  It will also lead to the appointment of a firm which appreciates what GC does, what GC is about and thoroughly understands the bidding process from start to finish. Understanding the GC strategy and ethos and how it approaches tenders will be a key aspect of the relationship between GC and the appointed firm.


Duration, Budget and Payment

The contract will commence on 11th February 2022 and will be for an initial period of two years, with an option to extend (subject to satisfactory performance review) for a further two year period. The expected annual budget for the business development legal work is £35,000 exclusive of VAT. 

The total value of this contract will not exceed £160,000 excluding VAT


Deadline for Receipt of Tender

Tenders will be accepted until the 13:00 on the 14th January 2022.


ITT Documents

You are required to make your ITT submission via The Growth Company In-tend e-tendering platform.   You are required to complete a basic registration as a supplier on the In-tend Supplier Platform at the following web address: 

Please note that all mandatory fields (highlighted in yellow on the In-Tend Portal) must be completed in order to register your organisation.

Once registered, you must log into the system, express your interest in the opportunity on In-Tend and automatically download the ITT documentation.  Your ITT submission will be made on the In-tend Portal.

The full details of the opportunity can be at found at

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