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Invitation to Tender: Event Management Enterprise Festival: T24105

Invitation to Tender:  Event Management Enterprise Festival: T24105


The GM BHG Enterprise Team are looking to facilitate a large event for our clients & stakeholders and we are looking for a turnkey solution, by enlisting a main contractor to manage the event from start to finish

This is a one-off event, to be held in late March 2024 in Greater Manchester. The number of delegates and exhibitors is expected to be circa. 500. The venue must also allow for outside catering and “shell/stand” provision, including electricity points and wi-fi. In addition, we would hope that the venue can support the facilitation of a “makers’ market” for our existing clients as a showcase (legislation is such that no permits are required if the market is held outside, with the

permission of the landowner – though it is expected that the events company will make their own assurances in this regard as to any potential legal restrictions or accreditations required.)

The event audience is expected to be:

  • Existing users of the ‘’EnterprisingYou’’ and wider GM BGH service
  • Stakeholders and referral partners inc. strategic partners
  • Prospective clients of the service – Pre-startups, sole traders, freelancers, micro and businesses (foundational economy sector) all based or trading in GM.

Specific tasks to be performed by the supplier are:

  • Event planning: in the initial stages, the GM Business Growth Hub (GM BGH) team will facilitate a roundtable with the event producers to provide a holistic overview of what we expect on the day of the event. The event producers will then take this away and begin the practical steps required to meet the brief.
  • Create and manage a landing page for event registration: make ready and transfer registration data.
  • Source venue and manage contract terms including payment (venue must allow for numerous factors pre-determined by the GM BGH team such as permission for outdoor catering, external space to allow for market stalls and any other reasonable allowances.)
  • Liaise with exhibitors to ensure full use of available stands.
  • Liaise with caterers, entertainment & any other staff required on the day of the event to ensure the event runs smoothly.
  • Plan & deliver appropriate strategy to encourage event attendance and to track impact of the event on the day.
  • Monitor the registrations and identify contingency plans if not hitting the attendance levels 
  • Organise a post meeting to present an overview of how the event achieved its aims and objectives.  


Duration, Budget and Payment


The contract period will be from the award date until the 31st of March 2024.

The value of all activity including management fees, venue and all other event costa under this framework will not exceed £50,000 including VAT.


Deadline for Receipt of Tender

Tenders will be accepted until the 13:00 on Friday 9th February 2024.


ITT Documents

You are required to make your tender submission via the Panacea e-tendering platform. To apply for the opportunity, please register as a supplier on the Panacea Supplier Platform at the following web address:

Once you have accessed the site, to view the opportunity you need to navigate to ‘Register Interest’, click the ‘Participate’ Button, then navigate to ‘My Questionnaires’ where you will be able to download the documents. 

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