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The Green Business Pledge is an initiative from the Business Growth Hub that allows you to commit to a range of actions – from simple first steps to wholesale changes – that will reduce your environmental impact and help you grow at the same time.

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What are the benefits of making a Pledge?


The Government has estimated that UK businesses could save £55 billion a year by taking simple, cost effective actions to improve their resource efficiency.  Making simple changes to reduce the use of energy, water or materials in your day-to-day operations can make a big difference to your business - take a look at our collection of case studies to see how improved resource efficiency can help to boost your bottom line, win sales and create jobs.

But it doesn't stop there - making a Pledge also helps you to stand out from the competition by sending a message to your stakeholders, customers and suppliers that you are taking action to become a cleaner and greener company. 

  • With over 50 different Pledges to choose from across 15 different categories, the Pledge ensures that as a business you are focussing on your impact across several key areas including ‘Water Use’ and ‘In the Office’.
  • Although many businesses label themselves as ‘green’, not many are able to prove this. The Pledge offers a promotional icon to display on your website and print materials to distinguish you from these other businesses.
  • You’re in good company. Become a part of a growing community: there are currently 663 complete pledges and 400 ongoing. Take a look at our current Green Business Pledge signatories here.
  • The pressure on businesses to go green is growing. As a business you a far more likely to see investment if you’re able to show you’ve actively “done good” rather than “done no harm”. The Pledge is a great way to show investors that you’re proactive as a business.