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STEP INto Healthcare | Final Pitching Event

Date: 4th April 2018
Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Theme: Innovation, Digital & Technology

This is an external event

The final pitching event is the last session of our STEP INto Healthcare programme. You will be given the opportunity to pitch your product or service to a panel of Heads of Procurement and innovation professionals.

The aim of the session is to give you the opportunity to create real partnerships, pitch to real NHS or funding decision makers and receive invaluable feedback.


You will be allocated a 5 minute pitching slot, where you will be expected to utilise the information and feedback received in Session 3. Your pitch will be followed by a 5 minute Q&A with the panel. You will also have the chance to have a more in-depth debrief session with our business advisors afterward. The whole pitching appointment will last approximately 15 minutes (5 minute pitch, 5 minute feedback, 5 minute change over).

The pitching slot will be allocated to you before the session; you are not required to stay for the whole session. It is vital that you register your attendance by the 28th of March, an updated agenda will be sent once numbers are finalised, with your time slot indicated.

Remember to bring laptops, flyers and brochures, models of the products you sell, or even the item itself. Please bring all resources needed for your pitch.

Please refer to the briefing document sent in the e-mail for more information

Please register for one standard ticket separately, for each individual attendee with the name you would like to be printed on your name badge by the 28th of March.


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This is an external event


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