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Boosting Your Green Credentials

Date: 6th September 2017
Location: Warren Bruce Court, Warren Bruce Rd, Stretford, Manchester, M17 1LB
Time: 8:30am - 12:30pm
Theme: Sustainability, Operational efficiency

Sorry this event has already taken place - please see our forthcoming events list



Learn from industry experts how to write an effective environmental policy that will deliver results for both you and your customers.

This can lead to:

  • Increased investment, customer sales and market share.
  • Improved environmental performance.
  • Cost savings through efficiency improvements.
  • Conservation of resources.
  • Reduced environmental risk.

By having an environmental policy your business will be demonstrating its commitment to reducing its environmental impact, and in doing so, help to develop positive relationships with your stakeholders and improve your corporate image. 

Delegates will leave with:

  • An understanding of the environmental issues relevant to the core business and wider issues such as risk, legal compliance and stakeholder values.
  • Practical steps to create and implement an environmental policy or management strategy.
  • An understanding of how to use environmental credentials and policies to create additional business opportunities.



Introductory Speakers

Section 1 – Defining Aspects & Impacts                 

Section 2 – Implementing an Environmental Policy         

Section 3 – Using an Environmental Policy to Improve Business Strategy              


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