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Boost4Health aims to develop the life sciences sector and encourage international collaborations, kick-starting acceleration of time-to-market for SMEs developing innovative healthcare products.

What is Boost4Health?

The life sciences industry is vital to providing high quality, affordable and efficient healthcare. Within North-West Europe there are significant market opportunities for proven, innovative products.

Boost4Health is an Interreg North-West Europe project which aims to develop the life sciences sector and encourage international collaborations. The overall aim is to kick-start acceleration of time to market for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) developing innovative healthcare products.

Eleven leading business support organisations in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and UK are working together to share expertise and specialist contacts. Boost4Health provides practical support along with seed corn enabler funding to support eligible SMEs with European development activities such as market research and product validation.

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Got a health innovation? Boost4Health worked for LIG Biowise... it can work for you.

Why join the programme?

Boost4Health provides practical and financial support to small and medium-sized enterprises that wish to explore their growth potential and access new European life science markets.

Accelerate the time to market of your innovative health technologies and services by:

  • Accessing our collaborative business and supplier network
  • Utilising support from our life sciences specialists
  • Harnessing funding for market research and product validation
  • Participating as a provider of specialist services

Are you developing a product or service that would fit into a clinical setting?

If yes, then Boost4Health could be for you.

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Financial support

Boost4Health can provide travel vouchers and internationalisation vouchers.

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This project is part-funded by the Interreg North-West Europe Programme.