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Take advantage of one-to-one support, coaching and workshop sessions with some of the best minds in the industry. You’ll get access to cutting-edge information, strategies and techniques, helping you to:

  • Increase sales and improve your profitability
  • Introduce new products
  • Enhance and cement your market presence
  • Explore new markets
  • Attract the best talent
  • Lead your team to success
  • Become investment ready
  • Access funding
  • Take part in official international trade trips

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digital, creative and tech businesses supported

Nearly £

in investment raised


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Challenging the Status Quo – Zally's mission to eliminate passwords

Despite being invented in the early 1960s, passwords remain a standard way to verify one's identity online and offline, regardless of how the digital landscape has changed. Patrick Smith, the Founder and CEO of Zally, is determined to end passwords as we know them.

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News and insights from the Digital, Creative and Media sector to help your business flourish and grow.

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Start by contacting us. We’ll ask you about your business and your aspirations, and get to grips with understanding your needs. From there, a tailored package of support will be put together designed to help you achieve more. There’ll also be regular reviews to ensure the support we provide is helping you meet your ambitions.

Businesses must be based in Greater Manchester and operate in the digital, creative and media industry. This includes, but isn’t limited to: film, TV, radio, advertising, marketing, architecture, crafts, fashion, design, gaming, IT, software, publishing, music, performing arts, and visual art.

Greater Manchester’s vibrant community of around 19,000 digital, creative and tech businesses helps make the North West the UK’s biggest creative and tech cluster outside of London. The city-region contributes an estimated gross value added (GVA) revenue impact of £1.4bn to the UK economy from culture and creative industries.

While what matters for each business will differ from one organisation to the next, there are some fundamental areas and universal truths that can help make sure that you’re taking the right measurements for success:
1.    Revenue generating capacity for each team member
2.    How much revenue can be predicted for the coming months? How much new business is in the pipeline?
3.    Cash in the bank
4.    Explore what else can be measured
Learn more here: Measurements and metrics for success

Digital technologies can improve business performance in many ways, improving efficiency, customer experience, competitiveness and decision-making, through for example:
·    Enhanced sales automation
·    Advanced data capture and super slick customer service
·    Intelligent project and resource management
·    Enabling highly flexible working and better collaboration
We can get you up to speed with the key digital topics and critical digital technologies – getting you energised and equipped for successful digital transformation. And for those already progressing along their digital journey, we’ll take you on a deeper dive.

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