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Use digital technology to grow your business

Digital technologies are accelerating at a faster rate than ever. This won’t be news to you, as the majority of people recognise that they have the ability to transform the way people work and how we digitally connect to each other.

But still businesses fail to react. This is most likely because, from the outside at least, the digital world seems to be a confusing and daunting place.

You need to consider your customers and employees, how you can enable both with the connectivity they need and, ultimately, how all of these things will impact on your overall business model and service.

Adopting digital technology into your business will rely on a clear strategy, strong leadership and, possibly, a shift in mind-sets.

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Our Innovation Network is an opportunity for business leaders and senior managers to meet other ambitious businesses, investors, research establishments and innovation organisations, such as universities and technology specialists, to pick up new knowledge and skills.

Gain access to the knowledge held in our world class universities and research institutes.

Share ideas with leading innovators from global organisations and the wider professional community.

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Katie Peate

Katie Peate, Head of Creative, Digital and Tech

Going digital has different meanings for different businesses, but no matter what, you can't stand still.

Our network of specialists and partners, including The Landing and Creative England, will help you embrace digital tech rather than just await it; because to enable business success today, you’ll need to take the lead.

Katie is a former director at a digital consultancy and has handled accounts for the Arts Council England, Big Lottery Fund and the University of Manchester. Personal accolades include winning an international Stevie Award for Women in Business.