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Digital technologies can improve business performance in many ways, from improved sales automation, advanced data capture and super slick customer service, to intelligent project and resource management, and enabling highly-flexible working and fantastic collaboration.

The pandemic drove the rapid adoption of many digital technologies, forcing organisations to implement solutions they never planned to roll out or execute at such a pace, with long-term decisions often taken in weeks or even days. On top of this, the whole world of work has changed, with shifting customer needs and expectations. It is time to take stock. Are your current digital technologies a good fit for the future?




Download as a PDF: DIGITAL360

Where Your Business Is Right Now

DIGITAL360 is designed to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) facing a variety of challenges. Our specialist Digital Innovation experts will help you to:

  • Build a culture that support digital innovation
  • Ensure you have the digital capabilities you need
  • Increase digital productivity across the workplace, improving workforce efficiency
  • Digitally manage business processes, procedures and ways of working
  • Improve agile working, to bring technology, processes, connectivity, people, time and place together
  • Develop a clear vision and plan to underpin your digital activities
  • Understand current digital performance to improve return on investment
  • Improve management information, dashboarding and decision-making
  • Ensure your IT set-up supports your business needs
  • Build increased digital robustness against cyber-attacks
  • Create new links and collaborations with universities and research organisations



Fully-Funded Support - At no cost to your business

Our service is targeted at SMEs with the ambition, capacity and drive to grow. You’ll gain understanding on what you need to do to become a digitally innovative business and you’ll receive support as you undertake this work, so you can make sense of it all.

Through DIGITAL360 you’ll be able to benefit from the huge opportunities that digital technology can bring, transform the ways in which you work, and futureproof your business in the digital age.

The DIGITAL360 View

We provide pragmatic support to help make sense of the opportunities and prioritise areas for focus.

Our core springboard programme introduces key digital topics and critical digital technologies – getting you energised and equipped for successful digital transformation.

Our expert masterclass series takes a deeper dive into hot topics and key knowledge areas for those already progressing along their digital journey.

Digital transformation expertise is available to target those with advanced digital needs.

And we can also link you with specialist support, opportunities and partners that can develop your digital innovation and transformation skills and capabilities.

Our Innovation service has supported more than 2,600 businesses. Call 0161 359 3050 to find out how we can help your SME, or click here: Contact GC Business Growth Hub

Cyber security

It has never been more important for businesses in Greater Manchester to reduce their risk of unauthorised access to personal information stored on smartphones, computers and the internet.


Get the funding you need to help your business innovate, develop and grow

Innovation Vouchers enable businesses to apply for up to £5,000 funding to access expertise, research, and specialist facilities to accelerate the development of innovative products and services. The vouchers provide an opportunity to develop a new, long term and sustainable partnership with a university or a recognised research organisation.




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Digital Springboard - Grow Your Business with Digital Technology

If you are a SME business owner looking to enhance your digital strategy and online presence, this fully interactive workshop can offer you the support you need. Whether you’re yet to launch a website, or seeking to enhance particular areas of your business, they’re here to offer insights into digital opportunities. No matter what stage you are at in your digital journey, they can help.

Date: 7th - 14th March 2023
Format: Workshops
Location: Manchester City Centre
Time: 9:30am - 5:00pm

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