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Digital & Technology

Digital Transformation

Put simply, we’ll help your business do more with digital and technology.

Perhaps you’re lacking a clear digital vision and are searching for the pragmatic support to help make sense of the opportunities and prioritise the areas for focus. Or need to create the right culture to embrace digital change.

You may be drowning in data but missing the analysis and insight, want to understand how to unlock the value of your data, or be worried that your IT infrastructure no longer supports your business needs.

If you’re an SME in Greater Manchester that has the ambition, capacity and drive to grow, our specialist Digital Innovation Advisors are here for you. They’ll help you identify the key things needed to become digitally innovative and guide you on your digital transformation journey.

Even better, the support is fully-funded (meaning no cost to your business).

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How we can support your digital transformation

Here's how our specialist advisors will help your business grow through the utilisation and embedding of digital technology:

  • Digital Strategy: develop digital skills, knowledge and ability levels within the business
  • Digital Presence: explore how well businesses digitally engage with customers
  • Digital Operations: digitally optimise business processes, systems and workflow
  • Digital Product & Service Acquisition: better specify and buy digital technologies, products and services
  • Digital Product & Service Innovation: benefit from digital innovation and collaboration
  • Digital Futures: stay informed about the latest technology trends, opportunities and threats

Innovation has never been more important for SMEs, leading to stronger turnover performance, better productivity and a higher level of competitiveness – contact us now to get expert advice that’s specifically tailored to your business.

Cyber security

It has never been more important for businesses in Greater Manchester to reduce their risk of unauthorised access to personal information stored on smartphones, computers and the internet.


Get the funding you need to help your business innovate, develop and grow

Innovation Vouchers enable businesses to apply for up to £5,000 funding to access expertise, research, and specialist facilities to accelerate the development of innovative products and services. The vouchers provide an opportunity to develop a new, long term and sustainable partnership with a university or a recognised research organisation.

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