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Are you Made For Manufacturing? Focused on Growing Your Business, Growing Your Profits?

Manufacturing excellence has an end goal: Improved quality, better lead times, reduced costs. This creates satisfied customers, which leads to more customers.

To achieve manufacturing excellence, leaders need to take action and lead by example. Most courses take the leader away from the shopfloor for prolonged periods of time, and any impetus and initiative from the course is lost as the leader plays catch-up.

Open to businesses in Greater Manchester, the Made for Manufacturing programme is entirely online and is delivered in short bursts, minimising time away. As a participant, you will identify an improvement opportunity during each session and immediately work on it. It's for leaders, it's for doers.

Please contact Nick Brandwood, Programme Manager on or 07718 301 235 to discuss manufacturing business support.

Virtual tours, expert speakers, peer-to-peer learning

GC Business Growth Hub's Manufacturing Team has over the past five years worked with 700 manufacturing companies, delivering £32m-plus in sales increase and supporting in the creation of over 400 jobs.

Now through a combination of virtual tours of good practice, expert speakers, peer-to-peer learning, and tailored one-to-one support from a specialist Manufacturing Advisor – holding a mirror to your business, and committing to action – the manufacturing team is presenting you and your organisation with an opportunity to demonstrate that you're Made for Manufacturing.

A programme for leaders

You make things, but are you maximising profits, achieving the best possible quality, and developing the best possible people? Are you constantly learning? Are you Made for Manufacturing?

Over 10 weeks the focus of the programme is 'Measure Something. Do Something. Learn Something.' A format of short, dynamic, virtual workshops is designed so you can lead rapid activities in the workplace immediately and learn from the outcomes.

With an exclusive group of 10 high-calibre manufacturing leaders, offering a peer-to-peer support network, the programme focuses on the attributes of a business that is Made for Manufacturing...

Made for Manufacturing testimonials

“The programme has taught me to change the way I think about things and given me a good basis for how to go about solving problems. I am now thinking ahead and planning things in advance rather than waiting to be reactive. The networking side of the programme has been very beneficial.  It is good to be able to bounce ideas off other people and gain a new perspective from people outside the business. We are now working on a couple of projects which will make a huge difference to the productivity of the business."

Tony Lynch, Works Manager, Arden Dies Ltd

“I’ve enjoyed the programme and it is already helping in our growth plans. It was interesting to see how other companies face similar fire-fighting challenges – it’s good to see it is not just us.  I am now focusing on a more formalised structure, taking time to measure and improve first things first.”

Andy Mosley, Production Manager, Manchester Manufacturing Group Ltd

“I’ve found the Made for Manufacturing programme really useful – especially having an external perspective on the issues we don’t always see and what others have achieved. It has focused our vision on the real priorities. As a company we have challenges, we all do, but we are in a great place and excited about where we can be in 12 months’ time.”

Neil Mullarkey, Director, Polyfab Coatings and Systems Ltd

“We now analyse and address issues as they arise rather than on a weekly basis, as this can just be too late.”

Phil Coffey, Managing Director, Leighton Packaging Ltd

“The course has been fantastic, and it has been somewhat reassuring to know that there are others out there who are experiencing the same challenges – even though they are operating in very different market sectors. Personally, I feel like I have started to make the first significant moves and it has given me a huge amount energy and positivity that I fully intend to carry through to 2021 – I highly encourage the others to do the same! I think that the course has also shown us what kind of support is on offer – all we have to do is seek it out and make the most of it!”

Paul Mellish, Engineering and Operations Director, Farrat Isolevel Ltd

“The sessions were jam packed full of useful information, insights and experiences.  I almost didn’t do the course because I didn’t think I ‘d be able to fit it in, but I’m so glad I did.  I’ve been trying to introduce continuous improvement into the company for the last 18 months, but I feel the course has given a structure I can follow and resources I can tap into.”

Ben Allan, Creative Director – Multiwood Products Ltd

Made for Manufacturing’s Hall of Fame

Grow your business, grow your profits

Delivered in short online sprints, Made for Manufacturing's workshops enable you to improve your quality, customer satisfaction, lead times and reduce costs.

Results driven

To be a results driven company that has measurable targets for Quality, Cost and Lead Time taking quantifiable actions to address shortfalls.

Vision & values

To have a strategic vision and company values linked to continuous improvement. Your individuals and teams aspiring to exhibit these values every day to achieve the goal.

Best practice

Relentless pursuit of best practice and standardisation. Your people are excellent problem solvers who pursue root cause to identify and eliminate the major causes of variability within your processes and share, standardise and celebrate the learning.


A visual company, utilising clear visual controls to set the standard and to highlight and eliminate abnormal conditions.


Taking all opportunities to identify, assess and implement new digital technologies that provide a competitive advantage.

Peer network

To have a network of fellow Made for Manufacturing alumni who share your passion for doing and your passion for learning


Never losing sight that the people who determine if you are “Made for Manufacturing” are your customers. Your profitability and future prosperity depends on them.

Meet the Made for Manufacturing programme leaders

Nick Brandwood

Nick Brandwood, Manufacturing Advisor

Nick has over 20 years' experience of implementing Lean and overseeing Six Sigma Improvement projects. 

Originally employed as a graduate Polymer scientist he has subsequently been employed in technological, continuous improvement and senior line management roles in automotive, textiles and secure printing manufacturing organisations. 

Nick is very hands-on and likes to understand and analyse problems, questioning perceptions and speaking with data. He has significant experience in facilitating change having previously worked as a Manufacturing Advisory Service advisor and has undertaken Lean transformations in automotive, aerospace, food and textile manufacturing companies.  

He has also trained over 30 six sigma greenbelts, and specialises in understanding and controlling variation and risk within the manufacturing process.  

Most recently, Nick was employed as the Quality and OPEX manager in a secure print company – ensuring that the productivity, quality and process capability targets for the imminent £20 plastic banknote were achieved to the satisfaction of the client.

To view Nick's full profile including technical capabilities and industry experience, please click here.

Rachel Baldry

Rachel Baldry , Manufacturing Advisor

With a background in Manufacturing Engineering, Rachel has spent her career working in both manufacturing and operational environments.  She has a broad range of experience including efficiency improvement projects, supply chain, inventory control, process mapping and implementation and improvement of ERP systems.

Most recently, Rachel was employed as a Business Process Manager, employed to improve the efficiency, accuracy and profitability of the Business Stream, requiring detailed data analysis, process analysis and improvement, ERP system improvement (SAP) and employee training.

To view Rachel's full profile including technical capabilities and industry experience, please click here.

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