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A development course for manufacturing companies who are on the route to excellence

  • Foster a positive work culture
  • Lead a productive workforce
  • Enhance staff retention
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Perform and grow!

Want to get better at leading change and managing people? We’ve got the course for you!

The most important asset in any business is people. Manufacturing Advisor Stephen Booth reveals how businesses that invest in their leadership skills rise to the top, and why our fully-funded Manufacturing Culture and Leadership training is the perfect opportunity for managers of all levels to up their game.

The importance of leadership

Empowering and engaging your manufacturing leaders in key decisions brings sustained performance and growth.

Businesses that grow and outsprint competitors have invested in the leaders in their business.

If you want a better business, you need strong and energised leadership at all levels!

This course is designed for manufacturing companies that are dedicated to continuous improvement and are committed to strong leadership skills in all levels of the business.


Here to help manufacturing leaders answer the following questions and more:

  • How do we engage others in these positive behaviours, develop the team, and develop the manufacturing culture?
  • How can we coach the whole team in the correct skills?
  • How do we identify the next actionable steps to get there?
  • How do we ensure everyone feels empowered to deliver?

Course Structure

The programme will fast track manufacturing leaders' learning by progressing through the following 3 key building blocks:

The Role of Manufacturing Leader

Developing the Manufacturing Culture

Maintaining Behaviours in the Manufacturing Mindset




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