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  • Discover untapped customer insights
  • Adapt your product or service for different markets
  • Access potential grant funding
  • Speed up a new product or service's route to market
  • Take advantage of research expertise and facilities
  • Overcome barriers to commercialisation
  • 54% of business say accessing new domestic sales opportunities is a pressing challenge
  • 81% of business have never looked beyond the UK
  • £287,000 extra generated on average by SMEs from overseas sales


Digimock: how our advisors helped them go from producing 2000 packs a day, to 1800 packs an hour!

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Your route-to-market - how to sell your product and how you plan your sales - is one of the most important things to get right, because if you don't sell in a way that appeals to a suits your customers, they simply won't buy your product. Before investing in a new website, integrated CRM system or anything else, a company needs to address some basic route-to-market strategy questions.

Learn more here: Business Growth Hub | Route-to-market strategy, getting it right (

Moving into new markets, whether in the UK or overseas, is the most powerful route to business growth. To succeed requires a precise understanding of market dynamics, consumer behaviour and the competition. You may naturally feel like it's a bit of a risk because, as with anything new, you haven't got the confidence and knowhow you need to be completely sure. But the greater risk could be limiting your growth by simply staying put. The bottom line: prioritise markets that hold the most potential for you.

With the right support and funding, the world has never been more accessible for Greater Manchester’s businesses. From the expansion of direct routes at Manchester Airport to the ongoing inward investment from key international growth markets, the opportunity to go global is at an all-time high. Businesses that export can be more productive than non-exporters, increase the commercial lifespan of products and services, produce economies of scale not possible domestically, and achieve stronger financial performance.

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