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Access to Finance

Understanding your financial needs

Most, if not all, businesses need finance (cash) in order to expand. Understanding what a business needs is the easy bit – knowing where to turn for financial support is often less obvious.

In a sea of options, knowing what your best option is can be tough. It may be that you simply need pointing in the right direction to funders and lenders who can support your growth plans or you may require more in-depth help with business planning or financial modelling.

Whatever you need we can help you to navigate the options, secure the right type of funding and ultimately help your business to grow.

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SME in Greater Manchester

Cost to your business

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Philip Hargreaves

Philip Hargreaves, Head of Access to Finance

Putting the right finance in place, at the right time, can be the difference between success and failure.

Our team of access to finance specialists, along with the North West Business Angels and the Grants Advisory Service, all share a passion for supporting businesses eager to grow beyond financial obstacles. You can then concentrate on taking your business to the next level.

Philip has a wealth of experience in commercial and corporate banking, including 26 years with NatWest Bank in senior lending and marketing roles. More recently he was part of a management team which set up a new-to-the-UK commercial funder developing a £75m commercial loan book within 18 months of start-up.