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Restructure your business

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Protecting your business from financial distress

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many SMEs to consider restructuring their business model to respond to changes in the marketplace, increased or reduced product or service demand and the rise of new ways of working.

In the business world, a restructure can refer to the financial and operational measures undertaken to protect the business, manage or avoid financial distress and ensure long term resilience.

Restructuring for longterm business resilience

A well-designed restructure can enable businesses to respond to future risks and threats more efficiently and can set the foundations for a stronger and faster recovery.

To support businesses exploring a restructure, we have collated a range of tools and resources to help you address any financial difficulties and review, reorganise and reshape your business model, workforce and operating systems.

PROGRESS21 Business

Considering a restructure? Support is in place to help you develop and adapt business plans, update financial forecasts and ensure you have the skills needed to power your COVID-19 recovery. Join us at PROGRESS21 Business and find out about the different support programmes and funding available to support your transformation needs.

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Restructuring your finances Restructuring your finances

Our latest blog explores the ways businesses can restructure their finances when planning their COVID-19 recovery

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Managing Finance and Cashflow Managing Finance and Cashflow

Advice and guidance on financial support available

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Redundancy during COVID-19 Redundancy during COVID-19

A guide to managing the redundancy process and the support available for employers and employees.

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Insolvency during COVID-19 Insolvency during COVID-19

Business resilience planning, our guide to managing cash-flow, restructuring and insolvency.

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Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Our guide to the Job Retention Scheme to inform your business planning

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Skills Support Skills Support

Our guide to securing the skills your business needs to ensure profitability and continuity

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Guide to Remote Working Guide to Remote Working

Explore the systems and tools to help you successfully implement long-term agile working in your business

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Support Services

Access to Finance (A2F) service

Access finance and funding for your business. Our dedicated finance specialists have
expert knowledge of public and private sector funding channels, helping you to become investment ready.

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Employ GM

From redundancy to furlough support, finance and cashflow to recruitment, Employ GM offers a range of support to help you reshape your business and bounce back from the impact of COVID-19.

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People, Skills and Talent team

Achieve growth through your people. The service includes organisational structure reviews, business culture analysis, talent attraction, acquisition and retention, workforce communication, strategy development and more

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Skills Support for the Workforce

Upskill your staff through bespoke support and training.
The Skills Support for the Workforce team will assess the skills gaps in your business and work with you to develop bespoke learning plans to meet them.

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More information is available on the UK Government’s Coronavirus Business Support website. For more personalised advice call us on: 0161 237 4128 or email us at:


The information provided is meant as a general guide only rather than advice or assurance. GC Business Growth Hub does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this information and professional guidance should be sought on all aspects of business planning and responses to the coronavirus. Use of this guide and toolkit are entirely at the risk of the user. Any hyperlinks from this document are to external resources not connected to the GC Business Growth Hub and The Growth Company is not responsible for the content within any hyperlinked site.