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Much has already happened in 2021. We are back in a national lockdown which will have an impact on the GM and national economy. However, we felt it was important to look back and share our survey findings for 2020 with you. Go to our website to read more in a blog from GC Business Growth Hub’s Head of Business Intelligence Rupert Greenhalgh.

Looking back - how GM businesses dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020

Latest report: 21st December

Summary of key findings


71 firms have participated in our Business Survey to give a picture of how COVID-19 is impacting the local business landscape in the 2 weeks up to the 21st December. 

Download the full report below.


• 49% of firms reported decrease in sales, down from 53% reported in the previous report.

• 70% of firms report that they have cash reserves to last over 6 months and 20% of firms in the last fortnight reported that they had seen increased sales.

• 85% of firms said they were not planning to make redundancies at all, however
13% said they had made redundancies, 3% said they had not made redundancies but were actively considering making redundancies in the future.


Archived reports

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