1 week ago

Our mentoring advisor, Andy Hall, gives his top 5 benefits of having a business mentor.

2 weeks ago

Export-led growth ensures businesses have access to a wider range of markets so they become more profitable and resilient. The Regional Growth Fund helps many businesses in the Greater Manchester area…

1 month ago

In our latest guest blog Dave Hopkins of the Intellectual Property Office explains all you need to know about Intellectual Property (IP) guidance for your business.

1 month ago

Growth advisor, Jonathan Crabtree, explains the benefits of building clear branding values and strategy to further develop your business' reputation.

2 months ago

In this article our Growth Advisor, Jonathan Crabtree, guides you through ISO certifications and how they can benefit your business.

3 months ago

This article is written by one of our Growth Service advisors - Mick Hadfield. Mick is an expert in the food supply chain for supermarkets and runs our 'Recipe for Success' programme.

3 months ago

In the final guest blog on social media management, Sian Ediss from Pixel8 Ltd explains how to interact with your customers to build relationships and drive brand awareness.

4 months ago

Simple steps towards being more productive, and some digital tools to help you get there. Written by guest author Katy Carlisle of The Wheel Exists.

4 months ago

The Business Energy Use Team at the Department of Energy and Climate Change has used research from ENWORKS – part of the Growth Hub – to explain why energy efficiency should be on your agenda. Here’s …

Howard Simms
4 months ago

We catch up with Howard Simms, Apadmi Ventures CEO - one of the UK's leading software development companies. He talks us through his purpose for mentoring, mentoring style and his personal inspiration…

5 months ago

The second in a series of guest blogs by Sian Ediss, Digital Marketing Manager, Pixel8 Ltd, on social media marketing.

5 months ago

Business Growth Advisor, Bob Dackiw, explains why a route to market strategy is a key element of your business plan, what this covers and how this can drive sales growth.

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