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    Co-Investment Fund

    An introduction to how
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    businesses to invest in the best

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    Shazda Ahmed

    Monarch Solicitors

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Welcome to the Hub

We work with ambitious businesses that
want to grow their bottom line, share their
experiences, boost their profile, find partners
and create new business growth.

Growth ideas

Growth ideas

Ways to grow your business…

There are lots of ways to grow a business so how do you choose the one that’s right for your company?

Our advice areas are written by experts who can share their experience and insider knowledge about setting up and growing businesses successfully. The topics cover some of the key ways you can look to grow, and the opportunities and obstacles you might face.

Young Persons StartUp Loans

Products and services

Government Initiative for Young People…

Are you aged 18-30 and looking to start a business and become your own boss? If so, the StartUp Loan has been tailor made for you. StartUp Loans have been launched for young people who want to go their own way, work on their own terms and start a successful venture.

Business review

Business review

Review your business…

Our network can provide professional expertise and simple to use analysis tools to allow you to assess your performance, review where you are going and ultimately explore where to invest your time, effort and money to realise maximum impact. Areas covered include finances, customers, processes and internal learning and growth.

Business AM – Remove Barriers to your Success

25th November 2014, 7:45am

We’ll help you understand the key factors that make your business a success by measuring what matters and removing what doesn’t.

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Growth Startup Drop-in Sessions - November 2014 D

25th November 2014, 9:00am

StartupTuesdays The Growth Startup programme enables you to get your new business or idea off to a flying start with a whole host of support available to those who are eligible.

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Growth Startup - Customer Service Masterclass - November 2014

25th November 2014, 9:30am

Customer Service Masterclass

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About the Business Growth Hub

Giving ambitious businesses the green light for growth.

The Business Growth Hub is a community for growing businesses. It is the major centre for businesses that have the potential, ambition and commitment to grow, from established and large organisations to start-ups and SME enterprises.

The Hub connects companies that want to grow their bottom line, share their experiences, develop their profile, find partners and create new business growth.

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The Eveolution of technology

Posted: 27th October 2014

According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of self-employed women is rising at nearly three times the rate of men, with the number of female entrepreneurs increasing by 9.6% during...

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Tragedy inspires Manchester entrepreneurs to launch bereavement gifts business

Posted: 27th October 2014

Our Growth Start team recently worked with friends Helen Lawson and Sophia Lucop-Leech from Didsbury after they both experienced devastating family bereavements.

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