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Work with a sector specialist to develop your personalised productivity strategy.

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About Productivity in Practice

Our goal is to support the Manufacturing & engineering sector, and your business, to be able to thrive, innovate and compete both locally and on a global scale.  We can help you do this by increasing your productivity and creating capacity to grow your business.

So if you’re a growing small or medium-sized manufacturing business, you can access fully-funded specialist support. 

Our advice is impartial and tailored directly to you. We’ll help to identify and understand key production issues, be they on your site or through your supply chain.

We’ll also work with you to establish and implement viable solutions, be they technical or operational.

Our support helps you to achieve operational excellence, develop existing and new supply chains, upscale production, increase capacity and identify new markets.


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Continuous improvement increases productivity

Salford-based manufacturer, Signage Systems, identified inconsistencies in the way people performed similar tasks, which was impacting operational efficiency.

To combat this, they contacted their business advisor, Geoff Crossley, who arranged a productivity audit.

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Productivity in practice is delivering growth

We can help fund your productivity projects

We will fund 30% of your project to help drive job creation, introduce and launch new products and improve your productivity.

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