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Creating a Winning Strategy - Fully-funded workshop to help Greater Manchester manufacturers craft a successful sales and marketing plan

The experts at GM Business Growth Hub are running a new workshop on "Sales and Marketing for Manufacturers" on 21st March. This fully funded workshop aims to help manufacturers in Greater Manchester develop a successful marketing strategy that will differentiate them from their competitors, attract more customers, and add long-term value to their business. Additionally, manufacturers can opt for onsite support from our manufacturing-focused advisors to provide extra insight based on their specific business situation.

Manufacturers must be brilliant at the art of making, however, in today’s highly competitive business environment, it is crucial not only to walk the walk but also to talk the talk.

Competitive markets and economic turbulence mean that even successful manufacturers have to adapt. This fully-funded workshop will help businesses discover their unique selling points and how they can reach their potential customers. Crafting a cohesive, consistent marketing strategy reflecting your brand identity that can effectively channel your message to the market and make a lasting impression on customers is essential.

“Many manufacturers hold the belief that marketing and manufacturing don’t mix. They tend to think that focusing solely on their production is enough to achieve success. However, in today’s world, where conflicting information is overflowing, marketing is crucial for a successful manufacturing business.

“Finding an effective approach to reach potential customers and build a professional brand image is as important as enhancing product quality and operational efficiency,” said Anne Campion, the Head of Manufacturing at GM Business Growth Hub.

“Businesses that want to stay ahead of their competitors should always prioritise having an effective marketing strategy in place. Our newly introduced workshop is designed exclusively for manufacturers, and our team of experts will help simplify the world of marketing, providing manufacturers with the essential tools they need to create a marketing strategy tailored to meet the specific needs of a modern manufacturing business.”

This programme is fully funded and led by Chris Manka, Manufacturing Advisor at GM Business Growth Hub. With years of experience in manufacturing and marketing, he will guide attendees through the course with easy-to-follow in-person sessions, real-world examples and practical exercises. This programme will enable participants to learn the most effective manufacturing marketing techniques and build a comprehensive plan that can help them generate leads, increase sales, and grow their manufacturing business.  In addition, they will also gain an appreciation of how marketing agencies work and whether that is an appropriate route for their manufacturing business.

Sales and Marketing for Manufacturers is a one-day workshop on practical marketing techniques tailored to a manufacturing business’s needs. Key topics include:

  •                     Understanding what makes you different and why that is good;
  •                     Standardising your corporate identity and being confident in your business ‘personality’;
  •                     Learning how to connect with clients, prospects, and sector stakeholders;
  •                     Creating a processes to seamlessly build ‘marketing’ into everything you do.

For those who are interested in enhancing their marketing skills, regardless of whether they are an experienced marketer or new to the industry, our one-day Sales and Marketing for Manufacturers workshop is an ideal solution. Senior leaders will feel more confident making important marketing decisions and leading marketing activities. At the same time, employees involved in marketing will also come away with a better understanding of the necessary focus areas.

The one-day “Sales and Marketing for Manufacturers” workshop will take place in Trafford Park, Manchester, on Thursday, 21st March 2024. The workshop will then run every two months throughout the year. Manufacturers in Greater Manchester who are interested in attending the workshop can sign up for it on the website mentioned below: 

Sales and Marketing for Manufacturers | GM Business Growth Hub

If you want to know more about the “Sales and Marketing for Manufacturers” workshop, you can take a look at the blog post by Chris Manka, Manufacturing Advisor at GM Business Growth Hub, for more details:

Are you a marketing-shy manufacturer? It’s not as scary as you think… | GM Business Growth Hub

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