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  • 17th August 2018

    Productivity not just about tech, says Manchester professor

    Sir Cary Cooper, an internationally-renowned professor at Manchester Business School, has argued that small manufacturers can boost productivity with better people management.
  • 13th August 2018

    Liverpool prepares to host key manufacturing events

    Pre-registration is now open for the Smart Factory Expo in Liverpool on 14-15 November 2018 and several local companies have been shortlisted in the coinciding Manufacturer MX Awards.
  • 10th August 2018

    Industry 4.0 investment on the rise

    A new business survey has revealed that UK manufacturers are boosting investments in Industry 4.0 technology, with one Knowsley-based firm developing an ‘Internet of Things’ enabled CNC system.
  • 7th August 2018

    Could design be the key to the productivity puzzle?

    The UK Design Council believes that design is a vital and neglected part of the solution to low levels of productivity in manufacturing.
  • 6th August 2018

    Jobs on the rise, but what about the future?

    Jobs in manufacturing have grown by 4.5 per cent since 2010 in the North West, but developments in artificial intelligence (AI) will change the nature of jobs in the sector, according to a new study.
  • 2nd August 2018

    Manchester toilet roll maker features in BBC Two documentary

    BBC Two’s Inside the Factory on 24 July followed the fascinating 940-mile journey of toilet paper from forests in Sweden to a factory in Manchester, which produces 700,000 rolls a day.
  • 30th July 2018

    Take part in a national efficiency survey

    The Manufacturer magazine has launched a national survey of manufacturers to explore their approaches to resource efficiency – contributors will receive a free report to help plan improvements.
  • 26th July 2018

    University of Manchester unveils national graphene service

    A new service has been launched to help companies cash in on the potential of the wonder material graphene, which is being applied to a huge array of products from paint to running shoes.
  • 25th July 2018

    Are you Digital Ready?

    A free Digital Readiness Level Tool was launched at the International Business Festival in Liverpool in June to assist manufacturers with their journey towards industrial digitalisation.
  • 23rd July 2018

    The rise of ‘cobotics’

    Engineers at BAE Systems’ Warton facility in Lancashire will soon benefit from new colleagues in the form of ‘collaborative robots’ designed to work closely with their human operators.

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