“As the UK manufacturing sector borders on the cusp of Industry 4.0 with increased automation, businesses must update their approach to training. We must upskill the workforce and empower engineers with the skills they need to use Industry 4.0 technologies, whilst offering continuous development opportunities to individuals is vital.

“At face value, the survey shows that the majority of organisations are committed to training, with only a tiny proportion (2%) of organisations admitting to providing no training at all."

Last year the Greater Manchester Manufacturing Champion's were asked to recommend their suggestions to manufacturing leaders on how to boost productivity in The Big Question. All the participants cited Leadership and Management Development in their top two priorities, and Tim Monaghan, European President of Diodes Incorporated said: 

"In any business, training is essential. Whether that is formal education and apprenticeships or day-to-day reflection and personal development, you will get back ten times more than you put in. The real investment is, of course, time."

Read the 'Tackling the training gap in UK manufacturing' white paper on Bosch Rexroth's website