About Eveolution

Eveolution is a digital skills programme aimed at female entrepreneurs and business women.

The aim of the programme has been to enhance the digital skills, literacy and confidence of female entrepreneurs across Greater Manchester and Cheshire. Since December 2015 over 35 events have been held in areas as diverse as social media, crowdfunding and cyber security. Eveolution has celebrated strong engagement across the region, with an active network of businesses engaged with the programme.

Businesses from across Greater Manchester and Cheshire gathered for a celebratory closing conference on Friday 11 March. Delegates enjoyed a day of masterclasses, discussion and networking around themes of digital technologies and female entrepreneurship.

Business psychologist Hazel Carter-Showell delivered a keynote on the role confidence plays in the progression and success of small businesses. She spoke with particular insight on the impact confidence can have on female entrepreneurs, something that was significant for much of the audience. If you didn't have chance to see it, you'll find her keynote speech here: Hazel Keynote Video.

The conference was held in line with International Women’s Day, whose campaign theme for 2016 was #PledgeforParity. Claire Handby, from campaign sponsor EY, joined a panel of female entrepreneurs and women-in-tech specialists to debate some complex themes, including the gender pay gap, proportional representation on boards, and the role digital technologies play in small business. The conference was also held as part of Manchester’s European City of Science , running throughout 2016.

Eveolution has concluded, but clients can draw upon wider Growth Hub services and continue to learn and develop their skills via resources available on the Growth Hub Digital TV.

Eveolution Mentoring

If you have enrolled for Eveolution you are eligible for mentoring through the Business Growth Hub.

Mentors can provide an independent perspective on your business, acting as a sounding board for new ideas. They can work with you to set new goals, and clarify the direction your business is taking. They can also help you develop new skills and expertise, and prepare you for times of change.

We have a network of over 300 mentors, each is an experienced business person who has decided they want to give something back and work with the next generation of entrepreneurs.

How to sign up for mentoring

To access the service, the first step is to speak to one of our mentoring advisors, who will help you to identify your growth plans and what you want to achieve personally from mentoring. Based on this, we will then match you with a mentor who we feel can really add value, although we will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that the relationship is working for both parties.

We also offer mentor/mentee inductions which are an opportunity to ask questions and find out more about what mentoring is and how it can help you.

To find out more, please contact:


Tel: 0161 359 3050

Looking for more info on mentoring? You'll find it here


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