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Manufacturers urged to follow tailored steps to cut emissions

The government has published an open letter calling on UK manufacturers of all sizes to commit to achieving net zero emissions and follow a series steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

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In a letter published in August, the government’s Net Zero Business Champion, Andrew Griffith, signposted manufacturers to a recent report from Make UK, Demystifying Net Zero, which highlights the positive steps the sector is taking to adopt net zero emissions whilst creating jobs and economic opportunities across the UK.

Griffith also encouraged companies to visit the government’s UK Business Climate Hub website, which provides tools and guidance for those looking to cut their emissions:

“Making greener choices now can mean savings on running costs, and also show customers the manufacturing sector continues to be serious about sustainability. To help businesses to do that the government, working with industry experts, have developed new advice bespoke to the manufacturing sector, to help you as you continue supporting your members to play their vital role in cutting the UK’s carbon emissions.

“This important advice outlines the small steps manufacturers can take that will collectively make a big difference in helping us fight climate change to create a brighter and more sustainable future.”

SME manufacturers were also urged to make a pledge to halve their greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050 through the government-backed SME Climate Commitment.

The letter follows a recent business survey that found that 74 per cent of UK manufacturers wanted more knowledge of their carbon footprint.

SMEs in Greater Manchester can now get step-by-step support to build their own net zero strategy through the Hub’s online Journey to Net Zero workshop programme.

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