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74% of manufacturers want more knowledge on carbon footprint

A new survey of c-suite executives at UK manufacturers has found that most recognise the importance of carbon reduction but admit to lacking knowledge about their firm’s carbon footprint.

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Management consultancy Vendigital surveyed 152 manufacturing executives on their organisation’s sustainability journey and the actions they are taking to reduce the carbon footprint of their operations and supply chains.

The findings, published in the report Achieving Net Zero Manufacturing, show that senior leadership commitment to reducing carbon emissions is growing strongly in the manufacturing sector. Nearly three quarters (74 per cent) confirmed that it is on the boardroom agenda, and 98 per cent are planning some form of decarbonisation-focused activity over the next 12 months.

However, this has not yet translated into action across the board. For example, more than a third of businesses said they did not have a head of sustainability role in place (35 per cent) or have a ‘green’ sourcing strategy (34 per cent).

Furthermore, 18 per cent of respondents admitted to not knowing the carbon footprint of their business. Three quarters said they would like to know more about it, suggesting that their understanding is incomplete.

Dominic Tribe, Director at Vendigital, said:

“Manufacturers are facing a major challenge to decarbonise their products and operations in a short timeframe and significant investment will be needed. They need to find ways to take cost out and invest strategically to ensure they remain both commercially and environmentally competitive.

“While many manufacturers understand the importance of reducing carbon emissions in areas such as transportation and logistics, relatively few have a handle on their operating emissions and even more so the cumulative carbon footprint of their bought in parts and raw materials from their supply chain.”

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