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Advanced manufacturing to revolutionise construction sector

The government has granted £72 million to a new Core Innovation Hub to make the UK a world leader in new construction techniques, such as offsite manufacturing, virtual reality and digital design.

Following a nationwide competition, the government awarded the funding to the Transforming Construction Alliance to deliver the national hub, one of the key deliverables of the government’s Construction Sector Deal.

With the construction industry facing a once-in-a-generation opportunity to change and modernise, the Core Innovation Hub aims to enable the industry to master precision manufacturing and the use of technologies such as robotics, drones and augmented and virtual reality. 

Many of these techniques are used and proven in other sectors, such as automotive manufacturing, but are relatively new to construction. It is hoped that the increased use of technology will enable the sector to design and build faster, cheaper and more sustainably, as well as incorporate smart sensors and digital systems into buildings so they can manage and maintain themselves. 

Richard Harrington, Business and Industry Minister, said: 

“We have the opportunity to revolutionise construction in the UK and the Core Innovation Hub will help us build smarter, greener and more efficient buildings much faster and cheaper than we do now. 

“From the introduction of virtual reality to offsite manufacturing, our modern Industrial Strategy is helping the UK construction sector to develop new techniques and skills - modernising the sector and delivering the homes and buildings our nation needs.” 

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