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Are you Digital Ready?

A free Digital Readiness Level Tool was launched at the International Business Festival in Liverpool in June to assist manufacturers with their journey towards industrial digitalisation.

The tool was launched by a coalition of cross-industry partners, including Innovate UK, the Knowledge Transfer Network, The Manufacturer magazine and others.

Manufacturers, suppliers and operators trying to make progress with new digital technologies are being encouraged to use the tool to help navigate the often-confusing landscape of digital technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and analytics.

The tool works in three steps: a short ‘coffee break’ questionnaire online to establish a high-level overview of where the company stands, a longer one-hour questionnaire online, and finally a face-to-face workshop with accredited consultants.

Only stage three of the process is subject to a fee and participants retain complete control over their data and can choose who gets to see it.

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