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Bespoke workshops to increase your productivity

Our team of Manufacturing Advisors are experts in Lean methodology and can help you to implement techniques which will eliminate waste, reduce downtime and boost productivity. 

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The Lean Lego Simulation

This practical workshop explains the theory of lean manufacturing and waste reduction techniques. Participants will work on a virtual production line to eliminate these wastes by working together to identify changes in production which will increase productivity and reduce inventory.

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Going into the workshop, we knew that we had inefficiencies in our business that would be more difficult to address the larger we got. The workshop provided a good understanding of lean techniques and illustrated to the team how simple lean thinking is and how they can apply it to their departments to achieve productivity improvements. On top of this, it was a great exercise for team building that will improve the operation of our business!

All in all, the lack of jargon and fun nature of the workshop allowed the team to learn the concept of lean in an environment that promoted team spirit.

Richard Lincoln, Edwards Cheshire Limited

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Embedding Continuous Improvement utilising 5S and SMED

Do you want your workforce to work smarter (not harder) and maximise the profitability of your business? This practical workshop will lay the foundation for your team to work together and embed a culture of continuous improvement.

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Fantastic! My first time at an event like this and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Would recommend to anyone

Matthew Cuff, Pure Fabs Ltd