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We can help you improve your production efficiency

This section provides guidance and tools to help you reduce inefficiencies in your operation using the principles of lean manufacturing.

What is lean manufacturing?

Lean is not a new concept – it has been developed over 150 years and is a mainstay of the world’s leading manufacturers. In essence, lean is a route to eliminating waste – anything that does not advance the process or add value – through a culture of continuous improvement. This suggests that there is always another second to be saved in the process or a step that doesn’t need to be taken – even the slickest operations in the world continue to strive for zero waste.

In this section, you’ll find resources to help you implement these tools in your operation – from real examples from businesses like yours, expertise from lean specialists and factsheets which will simply explain each concept and give a step-by-step guide for you to follow.

Don’t forget, our team of Manufacturing Advisors are fully-funded to work with you to identify which tools will offer the best productivity impacts in your operation. 

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Continuous Improvement for Signage Systems

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How to improve productivity in manufacturing?

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The Lean Lego game - 7 March, Halton

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