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Open New Markets

QMS unlocks new markets for SY Electronics

The Overview

SY Electronics Ltd designs and manufactures microprocessor systems, switchers, HDMI & VGA splitters and extenders, alongside an array of keypad controllers, all designed to complement the Audio-Visual (AV) industry and AV integrators. 
SY Electronics Limited’s Head Office is situated in Manchester, with a Southern regional UK office in Bracknell, which incorporates a fully equipped demonstration and training facility.

The business has a strong base of customers in the UK and Europe, with a growing audience in the Middle East.   

SY Electronics produce equipment for the Audio-Visual industry including HDMI splitters and extenders

The support we received from our Advisor gave me the confidence to begin this process, and the grant will not only boost sales, but will also create new jobs for the business.

Sirous Yazdanian, Managing Director

Martin Hyman, Specialist Manufacturing Advisor, GC Business Growth Hub and Sirous Yazdanian, Managing Director, SY Electronics Limited

The Challenge

As SY Electronics Limited continues to grow its overseas markets Sirous Yazdanian, Managing Director could see a growing need to integrate more systematic processes. He said:  

“If the business was to continue to grow in international markets, it was vital that we implemented an internationally recognised Quality Management System which would demonstrate to new customers that SY Electronics were equipped to deliver to the required standard. 

“In addition, it was an opportunity for an internal ‘hearts and minds’ process, bringing the team together to integrate new processes which would reduce re-work and improve communication processes.” 

Sirous called upon support from the GC Business Growth Hub and met with Martin Hyman, Specialist Manufacturing Advisor, at the Hub. After meeting with Sirous and the SY Electronics Limited team, to understand their specific barriers to growth. Martin said:  

“It was clear that SY Electronics should work towards achieving ISO 9001:2015, Certification and I recommended that they use the Manufacturing Growth Fund to bring in support to deliver this project.” 

The Manufacturing Growth Fund provides manufacturing firms with a grant of 30% towards an improvement project. Together, Martin and Sirous developed a project brief and applied for a grant.  

The Solution

The business was awarded a grant of £1,152 to bring in a provider that would prepare SY Electronics for ISO 9001:2015. The project began in April 2018 and was completed during the summer. Sirous said: 

“Investing in achieving ISO 9001:2015 is a fantastic opportunity for SY Electronics. This standard is the assurance that new customers want to see when appointing a new supplier. By implementing this now, I project that we will increase sales in this financial year by £192k, as well as safeguarding existing contracts by increasing confidence for our existing clients. 

“The support we received from our Advisor gave me the confidence to begin this process, and the grant will not only boost sales, but will also create new jobs for the business.” 

They recently recruited a Quality Manager to maintain the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System within the business.

Find out how the GC Business Growth Hub can help you to improve efficiency, develop new products and increase productivity. 

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Martin Hyman

Martin Hyman, Manufacturing Advisor

Martin leverages the skills and knowledge gained from over 38 years’ experience working in and supporting aerospace, aviation, engineering and manufacturing companies, to now assist Business to Business (B2B) manufacturers across a broad range of Sectors, to achieve their development and growth ambitions.

He works with Company Owners, Directors and Senior Management teams, to understand their needs and ambitions, diagnosing and identifying areas for improvement across the areas of Finance, Manufacturing Strategy, Marketing, New Product/New Process Introduction, Operational Efficiency (KPIs/Lean/5S Principles etc), and Supply Chains, as appropriate.

To view Martin's full profile including technical capabilities and industry experience, please click here.

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