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Belmont Packaging joins ‘Made in Britain’ campaign

Wigan-based corrugated packaging specialists, Belmont Packaging are flying the flag for British manufacturing and celebrating its roots by joining the Made in Britain campaign.

Belmont Packaging has been manufacturing high quality corrugated boxes and cardboard packaging solutions since 1978 and is hugely proud of its British manufactured products, fitting very naturally with the vision of the Made in Britain campaign.

The campaign, which promotes British manufacturers through the ‘Made in Britain’ marque, selected Belmont Packaging due to its commitment to UK manufacturing throughout the company lifetime and cited Belmont’s proud roots and high standards of manufacturing as the determining factors.

Kate Hulley, Managing Director at Belmont Packaging said: “Manufacturing has been in decline in the UK for many years and as a British manufacturer of corrugated packaging solutions, we were only too happy to join the campaign and support the sector. We pride ourselves on the quality of our UK-made products and being part of this campaign is a great way to communicate this.”

The campaign was originally launched in 2011 after research uncovered confusion amongst consumers about British made goods. The results revealed that 67% of British consumers wanted an official seal of approval for products made in Britain and the majority 52% thought British brands should bring manufacturing back into the UK.

For Belmont, the Made in Britain campaign highlights their offer of flexibility on lead times, delivery and any requests for bespoke changes to the product due to their UK based manufacturing capabilities. They also deliver a keen focus on environmental friendliness and recycling, ensuring that their corrugated cardboard materials and products are all made, manufactured, recycled and reused within the UK.


Closer to home, the impact manufacturing has had on the community has been tremendous.

Over the last 40 years, Belmont has been a recognised workplace of generations of family members - some of whom have worked for the company for over 25 years.

Kate adds: “The Made in Britain campaign does a great job of reminding us and our customers of the highly skilled workforce we have on our doorstep. Keeping a British Made mentality means we’ve obtained a strong team - some of whom are part of generations of families.”

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