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until Brexit

What are the impacts
on business if the UK leaves the EU without a deal?

The UK government have released a series of ‘no deal’ technical notices
and practical guides that provide information relating to potential outcomes.
We have created a set of brief summaries (with links to full content) for some
of the notices relating to businesses.

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Unsure what Brexit means for your business?

Ten ‘no regret’ decisions businesses should consider now

The Brexit countdown clock is ticking. With only a few months before the UK leaves the European Union, we’ve compiled ten simple steps you can take to prepare for Brexit.

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Latest News

Brexit weekly news digest 4 March

The UK Prime Minister will bring the details of a renegotiated Brexit deal to the House of Commons on or before 12 March, only 17 days before the UK is scheduled to leave the EU. 

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Brexit weekly news digest 11 March

Brexit weekly news 18 March

The UK is due to leave the EU in 10 days and still, there is no certainty for businesses.  The possibility of the Withdrawal Agreement being voted on by the Commons for a third time, has been ruled out by the Speak of the House. So, what are the next steps? 

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Brexit weekly news digest 25 February

Honda  announces that it will close its Swindon plant in two years’ time, despite it’s Autumn 2018 assurances that the plant would remain open.  Honda are reporting that the uncertainty around Brexit has forced its move away from its intention to keep production in the UK. 

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