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What are the impacts on business if the UK leaves the EU without a deal?

The UK government have released a series of ‘no deal’ technical notices
and practical guides that provide information relating to potential outcomes.
We have created a set of brief summaries (with links to full content) for some
of the notices relating to businesses.

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Unsure what Brexit means for your business?

Ten ‘no regret’ decisions businesses should consider now

The Brexit countdown clock is ticking. With only a few months before the UK leaves the European Union, we’ve compiled ten simple steps you can take to prepare for Brexit.

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Latest News

Brexit Weekly Digest 2 December

The BBC speculate what would happen under a Conservative majority at the General Election quoting under Mr Johnson's Withdrawal Agreement. 

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Brexit Weekly Digest 9 December

One of the UK’s biggest property funds, which owns shopping centres across the country, has alarmed investors by banning withdrawals and blaming both Brexit and the retail downturn for its problems. 

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Brexit weekly news 18 November

Prof Alan Winters, the director of the UK Trade Policy Observatory, trade expert has suggested more than 60% of goods entering Northern Ireland from Great Britain could be subject to tariffs under the Brexit deal 

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Brexit Weekly Digest 11 November

Britain's economy has grown at the slowest annual rate in almost a decade, according to official figures. Year-on-year growth in the three months to end-September slowed to 1% from 1.3% in the second quarter, the Office for National Statistics said. An ONS spokesman said: "Looking at the picture over the last year, growth slowed to its lowest rate in almost a decade." But the economy avoided a recession by growing 0.3% in the third quarter. 

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Brexit Weekly Digest 5 November

Last week saw the bill to hold a general election on 12 December receive Royal Assent. This follows the confirmation of a Brexit delay until at least 31 January 2020 after the EU granted an EU Exit extension request. The Withdrawal Agreement vote in the Commons will now, likely, not progress before the general election. 

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