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until Brexit

What are the impacts
on business if the UK leaves the EU without a deal?

The UK government have released a series of ‘no deal’ technical notices
and practical guides that provide information relating to potential outcomes.
We have created a set of brief summaries (with links to full content) for some
of the notices relating to businesses.

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Unsure what Brexit means for your business?

Ten ‘no regret’ decisions businesses should consider now

The Brexit countdown clock is ticking. With only a few months before the UK leaves the European Union, we’ve compiled ten simple steps you can take to prepare for Brexit.

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Latest News

Brexit weekly news digest 8 January

With the UK Parliament taking their Christmas break, there was a raft of information that was released in the run up to the holidays, including updates to the .gov Brexit website and technical notices. But the political discussions have been reignited as parliament reconvenes for the New Year. 

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Manchester SMEs urged to make plans ahead of Brexit

Mark Hughes, chief executive of The Growth Company, has spoken to Insider about GC Business Growth Hub's Brexit toolkit. Read the article below 

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Brexit weekly news digest 14 January

The rescheduled Meaningful Vote through the Commons is scheduled for 7pm on Tuesday 15 January. This is the point when Theresa May’s proposed Withdrawal Agreement will be either accepted or rejected by the UK Parliament. But with the impending vote and the reports of the likelihood that the Withdrawal deal will be rejected, economic, political and trading uncertainly continues. 

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Brexit: Meaningful Vote update

The Withdrawal Agreement was unequivocally defeated in the Commons last night, with only 202 of the 432 MPs voting in favour of the deal. 

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Brexit weekly news digest 21 January

The defeat of the Withdrawal Agreement in the Commons this week has brought more commentary from British businesses about their views on the possibility of a disorderly exit from the EU. 

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