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01 September 2023

Partnering on the path to evolution – Thomas Kneale

Thomas Kneale is one of the UK’s largest B2B providers of bedroom and bathroom textiles, with a wide-ranging customer base including blue chip multi-national organisations, private businesses and a number of Government Departments.

23 August 2023

Unlocking Success Through Mentorship: Insights from Gavin Astley's Mentorship Journey

Gavin Astley, Head of Operations of Carrs Pasties, is a veteran of the iMentor programme (also called the Leadership Hive Mentoring Programme), having been a mentee, along with some of his colleagues, and is now a mentor. Find out his thoughts on the mentorship journey.

18 August 2023

No more spreadsheets! – Risk Management made easier

RiskSmart takes the drudgery out of risk management. No more labouring over a hot spreadsheet for hours. Their platform frees up time for risk and compliance managers to do their job and not spend hours building reports.

10 August 2023

The family firm aiming to transform the UK’s scrap metal recycling industry - Oldham Manchester Case Study

A scrap metal recycling SME from Oldham is expecting to see profits rise by 50% thanks to its development of a ground-breaking new payment system, with support from our specialist digital innovation team.

08 August 2023

A perfect fit, not one size for all - how Mildon are improving Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion for companies around the world

Mildon works with companies on diversity and inclusion, educating and training them to have a diverse and inclusive culture and practices. Working with large companies as well as smaller companies with as few as 20 employees; Mildon’s work shows that no matter the size, EDI is vital.

08 August 2023

South City Studios hits the high notes thanks to A2F support

South City Studios (formerly known as The Stockport Studios) specialises in providing high-quality production and pre-production media facilities in the North of England. Its clients range from music industry professionals, globally recognised artists and local and regional home-grown talent.

02 August 2023

Sound innovation – the benefits of accessing technical expertise

A Manchester SME has developed a groundbreaking new software tool for building acoustics, in collaboration with the University of Salford.

12 July 2023

It’s a Pilot's life for me – revolutionary new app brings pilot data all together

A trio of pilots have developed an app to consolidate logbook info, weather, scheduling, airports and other data relevant to professional pilots. They are about to launch a new website and are looking to expand their offering.

30 June 2023

How a Hyde SME strengthened its value proposition in three easy steps

Stainless Restoration Ltd has reaped the benefits of a university collaboration, resulting in reduced costs and improved efficiency.