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Eco Discovery

Enhancing the environmental performance and competitiveness of your products and services has many benefits.

Who wouldn’t want to reduce product and packaging costs, win contracts in new markets, and cope with environmental pressures from supply chains, regulators or customers?

Our experienced eco-innovation advisors offer support that is tailored to your business, removing whatever barriers you’re facing, whether that’s a lack of finance, human resource, specialist know-how, time, technology, strategy or appropriate facilities.

If you’re an SME in Greater Manchester looking to develop your business then take advantage of this expert, fully-funded (meaning no cost to your business) support.

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How we can support your eco-innovation journey

Our specialist eco-innovation advisors will enhance your business’s environmental performance and competitiveness through:

  • Eco Insights & Road Mapping: gathering and evaluating tangible insight that will inspire eco-innovation goals
  • Eco Design Sprint: exploring your challenges and accelerating your eco-innovation through a design sprint methodology
  • Eco Market Readiness: evaluating the commercial readiness of your eco-innovation project and helping you to access further support
  • Eco Networks: connecting you with the necessary organisations, people and research partners to make your eco-innovation happen

Innovation has never been more important for SMEs, leading to stronger turnover performance, better productivity and a higher level of competitiveness – contact us now to get expert advice that’s specifically tailored to your business.

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Innovation Vouchers enable businesses to apply for up to £5,000 funding to access expertise, research, and specialist facilities to accelerate the development of innovative products and services. The vouchers provide an opportunity to develop a new, long term and sustainable partnership with a university or a recognised research organisation.

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