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This session is designed to enhance performance of your greatest asset, your employees.

The Performance Management workshop will explore motivation and behaviours, set and measure goals, look at how to manage performance effectively, how to navigate honest conversations, cover some key statistics and equip leaders and future leaders to overcome people challenges. This session is designed to enhance performance of your greatest asset, your employees.

The purpose of this workshop is to demonstrate strategy on how to set up your people for success. The takeaways will be some interesting theories around motivation and management techniques. Examples of what good looks like in performance management, dealing with tricky situations and hints and tips around how to bring this to life within your business.


This workshop will not be recorded. 


Meet Your Trainers

Mandy Clark 

For over 13 years Mandy has provided unwavering support and invaluable guidance to small and medium-sized businesses through tailored services and hands-on approach, whilst working in advisory roles for the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and GM Business Growth Hub. Committed to continuing to champion businesses in Greater Manchester as they continue to drive innovation, create jobs, and fuel economic growth, Mandy has a wealth of knowledge and experience from being a successful business owner herself over a further 13-year period.

Clare Davis

From finding finance solutions to writing board-level recommendations, Clare has enjoyed working with SME's across a variety of sectors for over 15 years. Stemming from a background in retail banking, she was a Bank Manager with business lending responsibilities for 7 years.  Clare is experienced in working with SME’s from young to mature, from small to large and all the highs and lows in between. Clare has a very good understanding of senior-level people management having managed Operational staff and Managers in succession across two retail banking branches. 


People Power Series  

Delivered by the GM Business Growth Hub Workforce Development Team, this series of webinars will give insight, inspiration, and direction to ignite the power of your people. Open to all Greater Manchester’s businesses, it’s a not to be missed series about powering up your business from top to bottom. These workshops can be attended as standalone sessions, but the greatest value is gained from attending the series.

13th June: Elevate and Engage - Strategies for Transformative Employee Engagement
27th June: Management Development - Developing middle/junior managers
4th July: Recruitment and Onboarding - Getting it right the first time
11th July: Managing Your Workforce Through Change - Staying ahead of the curve


As this workshop is fully-funded, businesses are subject to funders' eligibility criteria. If your place is confirmed, you will receive an email from us with further details.
Greater Manchester Clients Only
Micro business, small and medium-sized enterprise, or large business
Social enterprises where these engage in economic activity

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