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We’re taking you on an inspirational, strategic, and transformational journey to Pure Leadership! Join us as we explore behaviours, skills, abilities, and values to strengthen your position on Leading Self. Self-awareness is the starting point on the journey to great leadership.


“Leaders seek to continually innovation, take risks and embrace chance to enable growth.” 

You develop diverse and inclusive workplaces to improve the creativity constantly challenging ‘status quo’. Leaders are visionary, develop understanding and clarity, are agile and able to harness these collective insights and processes to grow and thrive.  

Aimed at motivated Leaders and Professionals, this in-person workshop has been crafted by our GM Business Growth Hub Leadership experts, especially for Greater Manchester businesses. During the workshop we’ll present a wide variety of tools and techniques that can be personalised to your own leadership goals and challenges.  

Attendees will explore tools, theory models and techniques including the following:

  • Understanding our response to Change
  • Innovative Practices
  • Leadership theories to activate change 


Benefits of Attending 

As well as the opportunity to access Leadership insights and expertise, you’ll enjoy the added benefits of break out activities, refreshments, and the chance to network with like-minded professionals from across the Greater Manchester business landscape. 


Our Pure Leadership Series – Get the full leadership experience

Grow, Thrive and Lead the Way with Pure Leadership. This series of four in-person workshops presents our 4-pillar approach; Leading Self, Leading Organisation, Leading People and Leading Innovation. We are inspiring great leadership across Greater Manchester by taking you on a journey to Leadership success.

Save the dates:
Leading Self - Wednesday 18th September
Leading Organisation – Wednesday 16th October
Leading People – Wednesday 6th November


As this workshop is fully-funded, businesses are subject to funders' eligibility criteria. If your place is confirmed, you will receive an email from us with further details.

  • Greater Manchester Clients Only
  • Micro business, small and medium-sized enterprise, or large business.
  • Social enterprises where these engage in economic activity.

Once your place is confirmed, you will receive an email from us with the venue details.

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